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This morning my beloved back seamed stockings finally died, and my first instinct was to run down to H&M and replace them. I put a particular amount of effort into the film-noir-meets-flapper outfit I put together today to wear to Bourbon and Branch tonight, so you can understand how tragic this is for me.

Part of me instinctively thought, “what’s wrong with replacing something that has worn out? Shouldn’t that be an unspoken ammendment to the 1G6M0S experiment? After all, isn’t the point to wear things out instead of throwing them out? And what’s more loved in my closet than my favorite pin-up stockings?” I realize, though, that in order for this experiment to have any integrity, it has to be all or nothing. And in order for anyone to be inspired to reform their own wicked shopping ways, it has to have integrity.

Hosiery-related melodrama aside, I’m especially fond of the outfit I put together today. It combines some of my favorite pieces, old and new, designer and shabby chic. Even better, I know that I will wear each piece with everything else in my closet, ensuring it won’t waste away in the back of my walk-in, which, I’m ashamed to say, is a menagerie of impulse buys and uselessly adorable vintage ephemera.

On the topic of sartorial ephemera, interested Bay Area parties should contact me to get down on a spring swap meet I’ll be putting together in the next month.


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