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Last Tuesday, hudreds of students, teachers, and press gathered at the Academy of Art University’s Morgan Auditorium for a Glady’s Perint Palmer’s “Food for Thought for Fashion” symposium.  An established fashion illustrator whose work has been published in The New Yorker, Elle, Vogue, L’Officiel, and The New York Times, Perint Palmer is currently the Executive Director of AAU’s Fashion Department.  Looking radiant in an iridescent magenta swing coat by Ralph Rucci, Perint Palmer led a presentation of her new website, read an excerpt of her upcoming book, and discussed the success and expansion of AAU’s fashion department.

Gladys Perint Palmer

“Being a colorful exception,” says Perint Palmer, “is a good thing in fashion, where everyone wears black.”

Despite the country’s economic troubles, Perint Palmer expects to see a 25-30% increase in departmental enrollment for Fall 2009.  This increased enrollment will afford the school an opportunity to expand the summer fashion program, including a foray into sustainable fashion — currently a hot topic in the industry.

Gladys Perint Palmer @ Morgan Auditorium

Perint Palmer also discussed her experiences in the industry as a renowned fashion illustrator and writer, reading an excerpt from her new book, “You Are Not On The List”.  The book chronicles her adventures in the industry, shedding light on the mysterious inner sanctum of the European runway scene.  As always, the audience enjoyed Perint Palmer’s presentation, which ran more like a friendly conversation than an arduously long symposium.  “I’ve been told I’m witty, but I think I’m just honest,” said the veteran fashionista, whose new book fearlessly shares a number of colorful anecdotes about some of the industry’s top designers.

Steven La Fuenta @ Morgan Auditorium

Steven La Fuente shoes

Outside Morgan Auditorium, students showed off their good fashion sense in Fall neutrals and textured layers with an emphasis on accessories and sweet vintage footwear.  Design major Steven De La Fuente (above) rocked a trio of sand/gray neutrals with a pair of fabulous vintage lace up boots.

Derek Heins @ Morgan Auditorium

Fellow Fashion Journalism major, Derek Heinz, alsp appeared J.Crew chic in neutral suiting pieces with bold asymetrical pleated pants.

Bottom line: Gentlemen, hold on to your scarves and blazers, because the “hot professor” look isn’t going anywhere just yet.


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