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It’s official: Noise Pop ’09 is here!

The week long, city-wide festival kicked off last night at Mezzanine with a Toyota sponsored, icecream-filled, swagalicious, ear-melting opening party, complete with a performance by Deerhunter.

I’m not much for sponsored events, or in the know about how they generally go, but this one was pretty sweet (self righteous, anti-corporate hipsters may need to get off their high horses, now) — free admission, an ice cream truck, made-to-order screen printed tees (with decent graphic options), and rock band (the only thing I could definitely do without). Plus, the boys of Filter Magazine, who were organizing the aforementioned festivities, were absolute dolls.

Regardless of all the awesome free stuff, Deerhunter’s performance is what the evening was really about.  When I got there during   at 6pm, people had already started to line up, and there was a measurable feeling of excitement as fellow early birds shared stories of past Deerhunter experiences.

Photo credit: Jeff Luger

Photo credit: Jeff Luger

Deerhunter were total southern gentlemen and a blast to interview.  Singer, Bradford Cox, and bassist, Josh Fauver were incredibly generous with their time, even though they had two other on-camera interviews the same night.  The MezzRx team’s video interview with Bradford will be up on the blog soon, but you’ll just have to wait until late spring to pick up the latest issue of one eighty Magazine.

Photo credit: Jeff Luger

Photo credit: Jeff Luger

Originally, I had planned to head out after the interview, but as I became distracted by all the ice cream and good people (classmates, friends, old co-workers, even my hairstylist was there!), I couldn’t resist staying for DH’s set, and I’m glad I did.  Mezzanine’s sound set up really did them justice, as did the San Francisco crowd.  I only hope the rest of Noise Pop keeps up the energy level.  Deerhunter has set a pretty high bar for the rest of the bands playing, but I have no doubt they’ll step up to the challenge.


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Check it out, ladies and gentleman — you can now get an additional weekly dose of shit-I-feel-like-talking-about at Mezzanine’s blog: MezzRx.  And as if that weren’t great enough news on its own, I hear they have tons of great contests and giveaways that the masses have not yet caught on to. They do.  Seriously, I want to submit a question for the Deerhunter interview to win a chance to meet the band I’m already interviewing, but that would be redundant.  If you win, though, you’ll get to interview them with me!

And on that note, I’m pretty fucking jazzed about NoisePop, and I hope you are too, but just in case you’re not, I’ve put together this anticipatory playlist for your listening pleasure.  You’re welcome.

Deerhunter — Nothing Ever Happened
Off of their latest, Microcastle.  DH will be playing at Mezzanine on Tuesday.

Stephen Malkmus — Vague Space
Mister Malkmus, of Pavement fame, will be playing at the Great American on Wednesday (with a local favorite of mine, Goh Nakamura).

AA Bondy — There’s a Reason
Mister Bondy will be playing at Slim’s on Thursday with Martha Wainwright.

Port O’Brien — I Woke Up Today
Good acoustic fun.  I’ve seen them at the Swedish American, but they will be playing downstairs at Du Nord on Friday.

Les Savy Fav — Rage in the Plague Age
From 2008’s Let’s Stay Friends.  These boys put on a mean live show.  Playing at Mezz on Sunday the 1st.

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I just had a lovely interview with the good people of Mezzanine for the upcoming spring issue of one eighty Magazine.  Mezzanine is perhaps the greatest SF venue for combining music, art, film, and fashion.  They’ll also be hosting Noise Pop this month, which is bound to sell out, so secure your coveted position as hipster of the month, and get your tickets now.

Speaking of Noise Pop, I’ll also be interviewing a headlining band later this month — even more reason for you to be salivating in anticipation of April’s issue!  Don’t fall behind — Follow one eighty on Facebook: Do it, do it, do it!

Download a preview sampler here, featuring tracks from Les Savy Fav, No Age, A.C. Newman, Ra Ra Riot, and Deerhunter. (Aural goodness courtesy of Insound)

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