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Now, I don’t usually have the patience or the organizational wherewithal to orchestrate two amazing blog posts in one day, but today, as it turns out, is a very special day.

It has just been brought to my attention that Blake Schwarzenbach (of Jets to Brazil and Jawbreaker fame) and Daniela Sea (of Moira/Max fame for those of you L Word fans, aka. Little Prince to anyone who watched Short Bus) will be playing as Thorns of Life tonight at 924 Gilman in Berkeley.  For ten dollars.  I almost peed myself.  Seriously.

If you’re not familiar with 924 Gilman, it’s an all-ages non profit organization that has been putting together cheap/awesome/supertotallyrad underground shows for years over in the east bay.  They’re a great support to local bands just starting out as well as sometimes pulling the kind of magical bookings such as the one tonight.  (If you do manage to catch the show, I’ll be the incredibly excited tall Asian girl foaming at the mouth.)  And, of course, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t exploit this opportunity to write more?  So, rest assured, a thorough review will be forthcoming.


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