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Bourbon and Branch is definitely the spot if you’ve got a pair of sweet Balenciaga spectator pumps that occasion doesn’t call for often enough.  After a couple of drinks named after a “Never Ending Story” character, I forgot all about my sad stocking, which was mostly covered by the hem of my dress anyway, until this morning.

Do I miss shopping already because I am that much of an addict, or do I miss it because I suddenly can’t have it?  My best friend has asserted the theory that it’s the latter, and I would have to agree.  We all want what we can’t have, sometimes just because we can’t have it.  Days off, even when you have only one a week, have a nasty habit of enabling your vices, and this morning I wanted to shop.  I didn’t necessarily want to buy anything, or even shop for clothing, I just missed the feeling of walking through a store, entertaining the endless possibilities (some personal favorites include: flapper Melissa, film noir Melisa, mod Melissa, and post-apocalyptic draped monochromatic layers Melissa).  Instead, I went to Trader Joe’s.  And came home with an absurd amount of food.

Talking to the check out girl about vegetable burritos and the prospect I’ve been entertaining of becoming mostly-vegetarian again, it occurred to me that I do not have to define myself as vegetarian in order to eat more sustainably.  Likewise, I do not plan on never setting foot in a Zara again, but the point of this experiment is to hopefully inspire a lifelong change in my shopping behavior.  It goes beyond clothes or meat or energy or whatever the new hip thing to conserve is, but I think it’s probably easier to quit shopping completely and ease myself back into it rather than approaching equilibrium from the other end.  Even if fast fashion isn’t your vice of choice, there are so many things that can you can do to limit your impact on resources and waste, from eating less meat to unplugging your laptops and iGizmos when they’re fully charged.

Being sustainable isn’t about buying “green”, it’s about buying less in the first place.  It’s going to take a hot research minute, but check back for a thorough disemboweling of the “green” movement and perceived vs. actual benefits of various eco-fibers.


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I know I tend towards reviewing women’s fashion (after all, I am a card carrying you-know-what holder), leaving the men with no love.  So, today’s topic is for you, boys — you don’t seem to listen to our clothing advice, but here’s hoping you take some cues in the footwear department…


These unisex Birkenstocks of glory are the one of the many fruits of the brand’s green label labor.  Unfortunately, these eco-happy sandals with their Birko-Flor™ construction are a huge Birken-flop — ’nuff said.

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