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Hello readers (aka. Dino and my mother).

With the start of a new year and new blog, I’ve been considering joining the “micro-blogging” cluster fuck that is Twitter.  Last year I finally took the plunge and joined the social media orgy they call Facebook!  Now that I’ve finally gotten used to digitally pelting my friends and family with information about who I know, where I’m going, who I voted for, and what bad costuming decisions I made last Halloween, I think I might finally be ready to tweet (scientifically proven fact: internet phrases always sound better if you avoid saying them out loud).

What keeps me from signing up, however, is the rather rational fear that Twitter annoys far more people than it amuses.  I love the concept of brands, bands, and venues using Twitter as an instant e-vite of sorts, but can’t rationalize its use for the individual.  So, tell me: What do you think of Twitter?  Are there any circumstances under which it doesn’t make you look like a self-important ass?  Do you have one and are you currently feeling guilty about it?  For your perusal, I have collected a few of my favorite twitters (tweets?…twats?) thus far — the main reasons I have not yet succumb to using this immensely popular micro-blogging platform.

JhonenV, comic book artist and creator of Invader Zim:
That dream again, where the headphones are nailed to my head playing ‘Enter Sandman’ and I’m having angry sex with a howling party clown.

Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour de France winner:
Mr. T had better be involved…

Shaquille O’Neil basketball player (and political comentator?):
The obama speech, wow, was dat memorized, very impressive, im jealous

Kevin Smith, fimmaker:
Just woke up. Am taking the morning dump.

(If you’re interested in wasting more of your time reading the menial things that celebrities do, check out Famous Tweet.)


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